Project Title: DCM-FRM-CP-CDEF
Project #: RFI-61-2019
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Publish Date: 9/11/2018
Due Date: 10/24/2018 This opportunity has closed.

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INTRODUCTION  As part of its commitment to supporting a diverse local workforce and firms certified by the Oregon Certification Office for Business inclusion and Diversity (COBID), the Board of County Commissioners has created a dedicated funding stream to support specific initiative for the workforce, i.e. construction trades, and supplier development. The County is seeking input to help design our service program priorities, program models, and identify specific organizations that may be good partners in this program.  Multnomah County (The County) seeks feedback, recommendations, and collaboration from firms and the general public in the program design for the recently approved Construction Diversity and Equity Fund (CDEF) program. The desired outcome of this Request for Information (RFI) is the sharing of information and feedback which includes but is not limited to, the following:  Program designs that are currently in use with other firms and agencies; What partners would be available and willing to work with the County; What advice would be valuable for the County to address possible challenges and barriers in the development and execution of our CDEF program? Feedback identifying needs of certified firms that are not currently being met or met infrequently; and Recommendations that will assist the County in developing an administratively efficient program. Information gathered as a result of this Request for Information (RFI) may assist the County in the construction of any potential sourcing events and provide the County knowledge of available resources in the community. There shall be no monetary exchange or contract resulting from this RFI.  BACKGROUND AND POTENTIAL SCOPE OF PROJECT The CDEF program will support two initiatives: (1) the development of a diverse local construction workforce through support of BOLI certified pre-apprenticeship programs, as well as workforce support services and retention programs; and (2) technical assistance, mentoring and training for COBID certified firms. Funding for this program will vary annually, depending upon the amount of construction done by the County. Primary funding sources include 1% of the cost of new County construction projects which exceed $1 million and the cost of renovations which exceed $200,000.  The CDEF program should be administratively efficient, and be complementary to other initiatives in the region.  LOGIC MODEL EXPLANATORY TEXT Attached to this RFI is the draft Logic Model for the CDEF program. A logic model is a very high-level depiction of the relationship between the inputs (funding) we have available and how we plan to use it to achieve the ultimate goals of our program. It is extremely useful in designing a program because it explicitly clarifies what activities we are doing, and makes it easier to exclude those activities which are outside the scope of the CDEF program.  When thinking about the CDEF program, our Inputs are fixed. Our Board of County Commissioners has dedicated specific funding, but the amount of funding year to year is dependent on how much construction the County does. This can have a dramatic impact on what we are able to fund each year.  The Activities listed are "what the program does." These were specified by the Board but the specific mix and levels of these activities may vary. Additionally, there is latitude within each of the activities for many different types of specific services, i.e. there are many ways one could think of which could be included in the activity of "support BOLI Certified Pre-Apprenticeship Programs." The Outputs are dependent upon the specific activities included in the program. The key is that they are both specific and measurable. We are open to suggestions for how we might measure the success of this program or any specific activity.  The Impacts also were specified by the Board. Structurally, we should be able to look at the outputs we are measuring to reasonably demonstrate that the program is creating the impact the Board has directed.  The Goal of the County's Supplier Diversity Program, of which the CDEF is one component, work together to towards the Goal that has been set out in the County's Public Contract Review Board (PCRB) Rules. This is the broadest view of how we support the citizens and businesses of Multnomah County.  CONFIDENTIALITY Multnomah County is required to disclose non-exempt public documents pursuant to ORS 192.410-192.505). ORS 192.502(4) exempts the County from disclosing information submitted in response to a sourcing event where the information is such that it “should reasonably be considered confidential.” A respondent who determines that information within a response meets the statutory requirement and desires that such information remain confidential shall mark the bottom of the pages containing such information with the word “CONFIDENTIAL.” If a respondent marks every page of a response as “CONFIDENTIAL”, the statutory requirement is not met; any response so marked will not be deemed to have been submitted in confidence, and upon request, the entire response will be disclosed. The County will keep properly marked information confidential unless ordered to release the information and materials by the District Attorney pursuant to ORS 192.460. SUBMITTED MATERIALS PROPERTY OF COUNTY All materials submitted for any portion of this Request for Information shall be deemed a worldwide royalty-free license to utilize the information, in whole or in part, in the development the of the County CDEF program. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS The County would appreciate responses to all questions outlined in the RFI. Any information you provide will help the County design an outstanding program for our community.  


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